Ayurveda, (a 5,000 year old holistic science) offers a way of transformation that focuses on living in harmony with nature so that we may better understand ourselves, again.  It's about getting back in tune with natural rhythms.  It's about listening to something you've already known.  Something that comes easily to you.  The disconnection of your natural rhythms through fast paced modern living  leads to the development of dis-ease and dis-connection. The stronger your connection with your natural environment, the better chance you have of having better health and preventing disease & suffering.  If you are ready to live in accordance with the natural current of your life, WELCOME. You will find resources here to start new practices that will heal you through food, movement & radiant body therapies.

To begin your Ayurvedic journey, I offer a conscious-based approach to health that brings harmony and balance to all areas of your life through diet, daily routines, herbal oil treatments, yoga and breathing exercises. A variety of services that are tailored to your health and lifestyle are available. Register for a complimentary 30 minute discovery consultation to begin.






Have you ever wanted to understand why you crave certain foods when you are worried, lonely, tired, have a broken heart or all the above? Cravings are how your body lets you know what it needs. Food is truly medicine and you can feel it's effects after just a single meal. Healing begins when you're able to tune into what your body is saying.

After your 90 minute THE RECONSTRUCTION session you won't have to rely on willpower to handle what feels likes constant demands from others resulting in self sabotaging cravings. You'll relax upon receiving nutritious and easy to digest meals and your body will repair and renew itself with ease. The RECONSTRUCTION SESSION is your personalized plan to ditch restrictive diet plans and overcome blocks with how you manage your day. You'll regain energy, feel better and stop obsessing on the minutia of a restrictive program. Your natural motivation towards a healthy lifestyle and feeling connected in your life with increase with ease.


This is not another program to sink you deeper into decision fatigue. Every day we are bombarded with so much conflicting information and opinions on food and nutrition that's it fair to say we are living in the age of information overload. After your BODYWISDOM program you won't struggle to figure out what to eat, how to exercise and use your intuition in making decisions big or small.

Get ready to experience a sense of love and engagement for the life you’re living right now (not some distant future).  In 90-days you will have clearer goals and reach them faster because you'll experience a surge of clarity and dormant courage waiting to support you in overcoming obstacles that have limited you for decades.  You will receive 1:1 personalized coaching support and have real time accountability.  Connect to your roots and the wisdom of this ancient feminine form of healing and experience the integration of your mind body and emotions through the innate wisdom of your beautiful body.