There is a natural and harmony of being that lives in each of us. A central theme of Ayurveda is that small choices made consistently (over time)  will dramatically affect your health for the long run. Using Ayurveda, you’ll be gently guided through various ancients practices that will apply to every aspect of  your modern life. The approach is simple yet profound and will include customized daily routines, menu planning with using local & seasonal appropriate foods, strengthening the body/ mind complex, somatic experiencing, meditation, herbs and breath-work to treat and address all aspects of your physical, emotional and spiritual states.  If you are a time constrained women seeking a deeply integrative solution - this work is for you.

Initial comprehensive assessments are key elements to launching your health and wellbeing program. Each session will use tools to determine your true nature or mind / body type and uncover the places where your energetic and physical blocks like to hide inside the body mind complex causing out an out of balance constitution.  From this initial consultation, a program is developed to serve as a road map for mindful, uplifted and confident living.

What you'll receive:

  • A 2- hour initial consultation including a complete health history consultation with a mind / body type assessment.

  • A customized lifestyle plan meeting your needs based on where you are today that will grow as your health improves and evolves throughout each season with all aspects of your daily life taken into account.

  • Seasonal food plans with support in how to easily navigate the kitchen, personalized churnas (herbal remedy combinations),  breathwork, meditation and yoga to support your nervous system and create optimum conditions for healing.

  • Follow up monthly 60 minute in person consultation sessions with option of Ayurvedic body therapies with custom blended oils and herbal steams

  • Ongoing email or phone support

How Ayurveda can help:

  • Stress, anxiety and daily emotional rollercoasters

  • Digestive challenges including bloating, gas, and constipation

  • Irregular, scant or heavy menstrual cycles

  • Detox and reset

  • Support for pre-conception through post-partum

  • Low energy, sluggishness, or fatigue

  • Various skin challenges and rashes

  • Support through per-menopause and hormonal fluctuations

  • Commitment requirement is a 3 month duration. Slow and thorough healing & recovery takes time through the seasons

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 Schedule your free 30-minute consultation to learn more about how we'll work to move you beyond your limited self into the golden nectar of your true health.