You know you should eat your greens but you're too busy, too hungry, too tired to deal with making a salad.  Instead grabbing a handful of spinach, kale, chard, and a couple of cucumbers , celery, apple and lemon or any other combination and juice them, blend them and you're off.  Yes, you can drink your greens.  But how? 

If you just can't get the hang of juicing or feel too overwhelmed to try, let me be your guide.

I have over 10 years experience creating hundreds of recipes for thousands of happy customers.

My goal is to educate, inspire and support you to create fun and delicious juices that taste good and help you feel better.


The 1:1 Coaching intensive is your custom tailored plan to help you:

  • Set your home juice bar up for efficiency
  • Figure out what juicer is best for you
  • Cut your juicing time in half
  • Figure out how to keep your juice fresh and take it on the go
  • Make juices that you like and fuel your body
  • Drastically reduce your produce costs by reducing waste
  • Maximize your nutrient content and receive hours of energy and fuel from your juice
  • Make the best juice EVER!

How does the 1:1 Coaching Intensive work?

I will come to your home for our 3 hour private coaching session fully prepared with  with pre-washed & prepped veggies, fruits and superfoods to create 5 new custom juices and smoothies just for you. We will take a look a look at your current set up, discuss the best juicer for your needs (or make absolute certain your current juicer works for you).   

We will explore juicing vs. blending and discover how to make your juices from tasting blah to creating a phenomenal start to your day.  We will make all juices and smoothies together and you will learn simple and easy techniques that will surprise and delight you.  You will receive a step by step guide including recipes to use and implement long after our time together.

Is this a single session?

Yes, when you sign up for a Juicy Detox Blueprint, you're receiving a private session with me for immediate results.  If you feel you need ongoing support I have a 2 Month Body Wisdom program available that will create significant change in your life when you have the right kind of support to get you exactly where you want to be.  Interested?  

Is this session in person only?

Yes.  Currently all 1:1 Intensive sessions are in person to create the your very best and most efficient home juice bar.

Who is this program for?

If you want to skyrocket your energy levels, clear brain fog and improve digestion this is for you.

What is the cost?

The 1:1 Coaching Intensive is currently available for

Limited space available each week.