"Having Manya come into my life has been such a gift.  She greatly expanded my view of wellness and food and it has been an impactful and positive journey.  With her gentle guidance and insightful recommendations I was able to navigate a new fresh path for myself that has led me to feeling the best I have felt in my body.  I started working with Manya to solve a problem I was having with food.  

Food had become a chore, no fun, a bother. I was counting macro-nutrients, calories, and eating large quantities of food and this left me feeling constantly hungry, tired of preparing meals, and run down.  This approach had been missing the mark for a couple of years and I was not feeling my best.  Manya helped me press the pause button and re-energize my love of food. I am now feeling inspired and my creativity and love of food is back. I feel freakin' amazing! And besides all of that I easily lost 15 pounds without evening trying.  Manya has a deep understanding of food and its nourishing capabilities and is a masterful guide to a new level of understanding for looking and feeling your most beautiful."

Allee Zapp, President / Tri-Trillion Marketing

"Excellent.  I've encountered a handful of individuals who are very knowledgeable about clean eating and fitness, but what separates Manya apart from others is the in-depth knowledge she has about what foods do to the body. I'm already feeling a difference after 1 week."

Susie Lee, Working Mother of 2

"I really loved the juice and smoothie recipes.  I received  encouragement, tips and most of all hope!  Manya is such a doll.  All my needs were met."

Lisa Graves, Graphic Designer

"Losing weight is just one of the many benefits in working with Manya.  My skin clearing up was my biggest accomplishment.  For more than 2 years, I suffered with an uncomfortable, irritable rash that was “diagnosed” by doctors as just about everything, including eczema, psoriasis, urticaria (hives), dry skin, contact dermatitis and depression. My face was puffy and I had terrible water retention. 

Thousands of dollars and hours in waiting rooms, and they never found the cause.  Eventually, I took control and invested my money in the support of someone that was saw me as a whole person with my own specific needs and concerns.  That process is what led me to completely change my diet and my life."

Anna Harmon, Traveling Stylist

"For years I shunned juice cleanses.  Misunderstanding their purpose, I categorized them as a fad diet and a dangerous practice.  Though they are misused by many in this way, I only truly began to learn about their purpose and power when I uncovered a heavy metal toxicity issue earlier last year.  Already on a largely organic, Non GMO, clean diet, I discovered that much of the heavy metal damage may have been done in my youth and now deeply embedded in the tissue of my body. 

A holistic nutritionist and friend suggested I consider a juice cleanse, to give my body the opportunity to cleanse itself at every level, clearing away years of damage.  To say I was nervous, mostly about hunger and deprivation, is an understatement.  But my experience could be described as nothing but empowering.  Although the first day was physically difficult and painful, as the toxins purged themselves from my body, by the end of day 2 and throughout day 3 I felt a deep sense of focus, energy and cleansing.  Hunger pains were not longing, but empowering.  When I woke up on day 4 I felt disappointed that I couldn't continue.  I've never felt stronger or more proud of myself. I felt nurtured by Manya's knowledge and will happily juice cleanse again."

Katie Miller Jesionowski,
Founder/Owner MySuper Foods Company

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