Spring Renewal

A 5 Day Seasonal Cleanse


Join me for a purifying, invigorating, and recharging cleanse.  Spend 5 days reconnecting with yourself through purifying foods, self-inquiry activities,  and easy to follow  breath and yoga practices that will prevent you shed the heaviness in the body from winter.

In this 5 Day Seasonal Cleanse you'll receive all the tools and support you need to boost your metabolism so that you can properly transform your mind and body from winter to spring without feeling heavy,  foggy and congested.  


  • A step by step guide with everything you need to know about detoxing the fat cells
  • Detailed and easy to follow instruction on how to best incorporate self care routines to keep metabolism strong
  • Simple to follow plant-based recipes using seasonal produce to help purify the cells
  • Printable blank shopping lists, meditation guides, and herbal remedies suggestions
  • Daily email support with answer questions, success share stories, advise and guidance through your journey
  • Invigorating and stimulating  home yoga + breath practices
  • Unlimited email support
  • OPTIONAL- Meals that Heal  | Home Delivery Service 


Imagine cleansing in a way that is gentle AND effective. 


Ayurveda is a holistic and ancient healing system, that focuses on all the aspects of your wellness including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.   This cleanse goes much deeper depriving you of food for a few days so that you can have the immediate loss of a couple pounds.  The healing techniques in this 5 day cleanse have been perfected over thousands of year - and are proven.  You'll notice a difference not only  in how you look and feel but also begin to notice deep changes in your emotional well being.


This is your time and place to slow down,  nurture yourself alongside  a small group of  like minded  women who want to learn to:

  • Utilize seasonal eating as a deep source of healing
  • Discover a breath + yoga practice that has the capacity to restructure your mind and body
  • Nurture and transform yourself through the power of creating goals with soul 

Take this opportunity to enter the warmer season of spring feeling lighter and inspired!