Spring Renewal Detox // April 17th - 21st

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Screenshot 2017-03-22 14.15.17.png

Spring Renewal Detox // April 17th - 21st


In the Seasonal Cleanse, you'll receive all the tools and support  you need to clean up your eating habits and bring your body + mind in balance with the season to come.  You will eliminate the common allergenic foods and introduce purifying and nutrient dense whole foods to your body.  In connection with the support of a community your will gently push out toxins, restore your digestive system, ditch cravings and lighten the pounds from the cold winter months.   This program aligns with the seasonal changes and emphasizes nutrition and lifestyle practices to help you reconnect your body with the rhythms of nature. 

Through a combination of  online webinars, daily emails and private group forums, you’ll receive a guided step-by-step cleanse roadmap, plant based recipes using seasonal produce, menu plans, shopping lists, body care tools, and home yoga and meditation practices that support you to transition into Spring.


  • 2 online webinars with your cleanse host, Manya 
  • A step by step guide with everything you need to know about gut health to self care oil massage
  • A 15-page ebook of simple to follow Ayurvedic-inspired recipes to take the guess work out of the detox
  • Printable blank shopping lists, meditation guides, and herbal remedies suggestions
  • Daily email support with answer questions, success share stories, advise and guidance through your journey
  • Detox-boosting home yoga + breath practices
  • Access to private online community forum
  • Unlimited email support
  • OPTIONAL- Meals that Heal  | Home Delivery Service 
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