You're busy. I'm organized. Let's add back hours to your day.

Manya Williams | Transaction Coordinator

Let me handle paperwork, manage deadlines, and communicate with all parties on your behalf

so you can find and close more deals.

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Manya Williams

Being busy is a good thing.

As a wholesaler or acquisition manager, you're not thinking about the follow-up.

Your superpower is lead generation and closing deals and mine is follow up and structure. When you know you have a quarterback to get every deal to the finish line, your deal flow grows exponentially and you can focus on running your business.

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Help me, help you.

I do more than send emails and coordinate closingsbut I do those, too.

Ready to present an offer to your seller but don't know how to structure it with the right paperwork? Or not sure how to respond to a paperwork objection and explain the entire process to the seller and buyer?

Need help with something that's not on this list? Just ask. I can probably do it, too.

  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Handle Earnest Money
  • Coordinate with Title
  • Close with Escrow / Attorney
  • Assist with Scheduling Closing
  • Manage Disposition Paperwork
  • Handle Objections
  • Explain Contract Paperwork
  • Schedule Calls with Sellers
  • Manage JV paperwork

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Very happy with Manya's service.
Since working with her, I feel like my business has exploded. ”

—Megan Barnett, Sumner Properties

Why use a transaction coordinator?

A fair question. We all have zones of genius but we don't use them. With our services, you will gain back valuable hours of your day and have a second set of eyes to help you make informed decisions about your real estate deals.


  • Open Escrow
  • Provide Weekly Updates
  • Manage Transaction Communications
  • Coordinate from verbal agreement to close of escrow
$599/ transaction


  • Guide the structure of real estate deal
  • Short Sales, Novations, Foreclosures
  • Help explain the contract to all parties
  • Wraps, Subject-To & Hybrid Deals 


  • Assignment & Dispo Paperwork
  • Contract Creation
  • Manage Calls with Sellers
  • Underwrite and Comp Deals
  • Open Escrow
  • Coordinate from verbal agreement to close of escrow

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Turn times are 24 hours guaranteed!

My promise is to make you wonder what you ever did without me. If you're not not sure which service is right for you, watch this short video and get started with closing your deal!

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